• How long does your hair last?
A: Depending on the maintenance taken to keep our hair looking and feeling luscious, it all depends on you. However, our hair can last you up to one year.

• Can your hair be colored and/or lightened?
A: Yes. All our hair can be colored and lightened. We advise you to seek professional help when coloring your hair extensions, for you can over process your hair extensions.

• How do I get my extensions to last for a long time?
A: We suggest that you shampoo your extensions every two weeks using a mild shampoo. In between those two weeks, you should only condition your hair. Conditioning your extensions will ensure that your hair stays luscious and beautiful.

• What colors do your extensions come in? Is there custom coloring?
A: All our extensions vary between natural black and natural brown. There is no custom coloring. We ask that you seek a professional.

• Can I exchange my hair extensions?
A: Yes, we only accept exchanges. If it is not what you want, we ask you to send back your hair immediately, where it will be inspected for quality purposes. If hair is colored, tampered, combed, etc., there will be no refund or exchange.

• How long does your hair take to come?
A: Our hair takes at least 5-7 business days to deliver although you could receive it sooner. If orders are placed on weekends, hair will not be ordered until the next business day. Please schedule accordingly.

• How many ounces are your bundles of hair?

A: All of our bundles are 3.5 ounces